The Reiterating Little Starly

Issue #1601 invalid
Austin Kay created an issue

This may be a minor issue, but could also be classified as a blocker, depending. I was fighting a trainer with Aipom and Starly. The Starly knocked out my Squirtle, so I threw in Gastly. The only moves it knows is Lick and Hypnosis, considering I just caught it. Anyways, the Starly keeps using Growl. And, Lick is the only move that Gastly can use to deal damage as of the moment. It doesn't affect foe Starly...I got stuck putting him to sleep when I figured this out. So, I was going to let him defeat me. I only had Squirtle and Gastly. Starly kept using Growl. I couldn't even advance. He used it 15 times (I counted) before I gave in and decided to mildly complain in slight annoyance.

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  1. deukhoofd

    Not a bug, just normal AI. It can't use its normal type moves on your ghastly because of immunity, so it wont.

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