I didnt DIE!

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Fallen-Feces created an issue

I was in Rezzai Desert and when i had 1 pokemon left and a trainer i was battling had 1 left too he used self destruct. It said i had no more usable pokemon but didnt send me to the pokemon center. Instead it let me walk around as if i didnt lose but didnt give me any money! So if i get into another batle im afraid of wat might happen. Will it do the "You lost!" thing and send me to a PC or will my game bug out or crash? I have included 2 screenshots of wat it looks like. The first is to show im walking around and the 2nd clarifies what im walking around with.

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  1. Fallen-Feces reporter

    Sorry about there not being a first and second. It wouldnt let me post 2 screenshots the heres another bug for ya!

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