Lock of the game after selecting pokemon

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SchuKadaj created an issue

A power outage rudely interrupted me playing, which wiped my progress, but I saved before I selected a pokémon - since I planned to copy it over to the other savefiles to quickly select the other pokémon that I would like to toy with (seriously - the game is awesome)

I was put back to where I had to select a pokémon, however Damien is gone and the professor is where she is in the attached screen.

  • I got to select a pokémon and a fight with Damien happened, however the text of Damien wasn't from next to me, but in the bottom right corner.
  • Fast forward to the battle being over, him winning or losing doesn't matter. Damien says his lines and leaves.

-- The professor doesn't pick up here and remains seated, as player I am locked in my position with no way of moving and the game won't progress from here.

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  1. Rawrkipzu

    Um, i think its a glitch with the past versions, since the avatar looks different than the latest versions. so i think to fix this u just need to update your version to 1.1.8, and it should be fixed.

  2. SchuKadaj reporter

    To my knowledge, and 3 times overwriting it, I'm on

    as I result I even downloaded the core and put it over the game, the sprite didn't change at all.

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