Beginning Darkrai Summoning Scene freezes during summoning

Issue #1937 new
Nick created an issue

In the first Darkrai Cult summoning scene, after the screen shows the Darkrai logo and the eyes appear and screen starts "shaking", the images freeze even though sometimes music is still playing. Never unfreezes and this was supposedly an issue in a much earlier version as well.

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  1. DreamblitzX

    Finally someone else with the same bug as me! as far as I can tell this is caused by any mp3 file trying to be played in rpgmaker, which for insurgence is a few music tracks, the rumble that plays when the eyes open in legendary sequences and any 6th gen cry. to confirm this is the same one, remove your audio folder from the game, see if you can get past it, and if it goes past fine, get a program that lets you convert all mp3 files into ogg files with the same name (I used mediahuman)

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