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Mohammed Miah created an issue

So recently I decided to download pokemon insurgence after watching Muchingorange's playthrough on it and after two days I notice that the game wouldn't show any text I looked up the issue and saw that most of the issues were happening on mac and if not all the solutions were the same, install the font. I did so and nothing happened there was still an issue I tried restarting my computer but to no avail. That's why I came here to humbly ask for help I really enjoyed the game for the first two days and I want to continue to enjoy it. So if anyone out there in the forums could help it'd be much appreciated.

P.S. Screenshots down below -DeltaAlphaOmega

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  1. Mohammed Miah reporter

    Hah I'm so sorry I fixed the problem, actually pokemon uranium was glitching up pokemon insurgence because they used the same font so I guess I'm going to have to re install pokemon uranium after I complete pokemon insurgence.

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