Game crashes before battling Team Infernal grunts

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pheareanknight created an issue

Whenever I go to battle any of the three grunts right at the beginning of the Infernal base, the game crashes after the cult symbol shows. There's the log I'm getting when it crashes.

I've only tried three grunts, but I'm not sure if this will keep me from progressing the story.

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PheareanKnight#9425 @phearean_knight

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  1. Jorge Fuentes

    This also happened to me but i managed to solve it. Go to the route the crash tells you. Once you are on the Clothes_back/girl route you are going to copy the sprite of the color of hair dye you got on. For example you are using the brown hair dye, the number of that dye in the script is 5. Change the name of the sprite you just copied to ''hair5b''

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