Delta Liepard

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Henri created an issue

So I figure I'd catch Delta Liepard for my fairy team, go to Selene. I looked up the steps on the wiki because it's been a while!

Go into the Pokemon Center. No old dude asking yes or no questions. I talked to everyone multiple times, and then went and talked to everyone in town for good measure (including fox, tiger, and chicken mentioning characters). Interacted with the ghost pal--it's past 8 PM where I am. Liepard flees, I go and talk to the snake kid that appears next to the gym. Respawn the delta, and it flees again.

Now, the wiki says it should be able to be captured after you talk to the snake boy, but I'm thinking maybe the old dude in the Center got deleted and it messed up the event a little? I tried restarting the game, which didn't make my monster friend capturable.

It's entirely possible that I just fucked up the sequence somehow, but? Something to bring attention to I guess.

Link to capture instructions:

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  1. Jonathan Peters

    even in most recent version, delta liepard can’t be caught, but because it does not spawn in.

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