Information on the map is displaced.

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D1ODER created an issue

Suze, the map seems so be displaced somehow, like you hover the square over a city and it doesn't show correctly the information. Sorry if it's not the place to report a bug but I just see it while playing. I'm on 1.2.2.

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  1. t

    not sure wtf that map is but its not the one we use in game. did you install a graphics pack or something?

  2. D1ODER reporter

    Fuck maybe that's why lol, because first i wanted the 3d sprites so I installled the whole pack, but then removed only the sprites because they were giving me trouble, so i guess is that, sorry for the inconvenience and the time lost :C

  3. D1ODER reporter

    a20c20501ba4f2a1fef2d5816fd36a36.png Yeah, I reinstalled the Graphics of the game and now the map is the new one, sorry again for this :D

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