Cannot deposit pokemon that was just traded

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AmmanP created an issue

the second i hover over the kabuto in the pc the game crashes, stuck with a level 5 when I'm wanting to go into the e4

couldnt find the option but the latest patch for 1.2

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  1. benthestageman

    I think I'm having something similar. Just traded some Pokemon and now whenever I interact with them in the PC (Move or Deposit) the game crashes. Here's a dialogue that comes up:Deposit Crash.PNG

  2. benthestageman

    Also: I am running 1.2.2. Just downloaded a fresh core and had the same issue. As soon as I clicked "Deposit" the game crashed.

  3. benthestageman

    Further info: It seems that the Mystery Gift Zorua, having been traded into a new copy of the game, crashes the game whenever it has been selected in the Pokemon screen or PC. I used it in battle and the sprite and name were of another Pokemon (with Zorua's level & moves). Don't know if that info helps.

  4. John B.

    (1.2.2) I just traded Kecleon and Archeops with a friend. They caused both of our games to crash after checking summaries or using the PC.

    Edit: Placing the bugged mons in the daycare allows the player to use their PC temporarily.

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