All items disappeared in the Battle Frontier

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D4rkR0gue created an issue

Today I was battling at the Battle Frontie when I noticed that my pokemon couldn't mega evolve during the battles, initially I thought that there was a rule that you couldn't mega evolve, but when the battle ended, I checked my pokemon items and none of them was there. I tried to put a backup file, but unfortunately I save every 5min, and all the others backup files that I have, I'am already at battle frontier and already have lost my items. Some of my pokemon were holding Life Orbs and other normal items, but I've lost important items like 4 mega stones that cannot be found anymore. I think that even if you correct the bug, my items won't come back. So, I'll put my file here, If you guys could help me out, I'll be grateful. (I'm using version 1.2.3)

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  1. schiavijohnny

    I'm having this same problem, I can't get my Eevee to mega evolve anymore now which really sucks. It looks like people have been waiting for this update for a while too.

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