Issue with re-trading pokemon

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KrystleKris created an issue

So, I traded a Totodile to a streamer since he wanted one, right? But then I found out I traded the wrong totodile; I had given him the one I wanted to keep... so we traded totodiles. However, he's fine with his totodile, everything works normally, and the first mon I got from the first trade works fine, too.

But the Totodile that I got back will crash the game with a No Method Error if I look at its stats or even select it when inside the Pokemon Center. Obviously, this shouldn't happen, but I want to know what's causing it or if I can fix it or if I need to restart my game over because I have a mon I can't ever take out of my party in my party. Sending it into battle is fine, selecting it on the pokemon menu to swap its position, that's fine. But I can't do the things I said before.

It's strange, and even if I have to start over, I'm only at route two, so I shouldn't be that bad off, but still, it's sort of an annoying and perplexing bug.

This is on version 1.2, but I can't seem to find the version in the drop-down list.

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