Battle Pyramid

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Tristan Walton created an issue

When challenging the battle pyramid for the second time, I did not reset the game or close it down, this was immediately after I failed and got sent back I talked to the clerk and went for a second run, and was stuck in the wall, in the photo below, with a teleport tile and item in the void near me, after a few seconds I was met with an error box with a runtime error, seen in the photo below. However, I had quicksaved before this happened in the battle pyramid and was stuck right before the error, in the wall. I was able to walk in place until I had enough battles to reduce my Pokemon to 0 hp and be reset, but it does mean I was unable to make any progress.

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  1. Frelus

    This happened to me the first time I went into the Pyramid. I was without a partner, stuck in the wall, and the first two times I -tried- to walk (pressed arrow keys) I was dragged into 3v6 double battles. After that nothing happened anymore, no crash either, but I had to reload to get out.

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