Battle against the third gym

Issue #2306 resolved
Astro Menuisix created an issue

Hi, Here is my problem. When I challenged the gym leader of Helios city my game crashed and saved after, like it was programmed to do. But, when I try to open to continu to open my save file and select play, I was still before Helios's gym leader and the game crashed again. The game is doing the same thing each time I try to continu the story at this point. Could you pleae help me, because I don't really want to create a new save file and return to the place where the crashed.

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  1. NatsuKingdragneel

    i got an answer dude gonna post it all here and on all of them use one of your back up saves it makes for you it makes 3 id use the one at least 2 mins before the glitch and jsut go through like normal apparently its a hang up in script

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