Exp crash (mac)

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Damian created an issue

Every time i finish a battle or try to catch a Pokemon and it's time to get EXP my game crashes, all the time, if i run away from a Pokemon it works perfectly fine but when you stay in the battle and it's about to end it crashes and the wine bug window opens.

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  1. Yeah Yeah

    So have I. Also the game will crash after the last pokemon in a battle, and when healing at a pokemon center. Some actual help would be appreciated.

  2. Egreening14

    All three of my friends who are also on Mac are experiencing the same issues, please help we are so looking forward to all playing this

  3. oatsandpeas

    I too have experienced this problem when trying to play the game after updating from 1.2. The crash also occurs when sending or receiving mystery gifts. Wanted to update to get around some minor bug in the 1.2 post game, but now the game as a whole is completely unplayable.

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