Wondertrade Challenge Doesn't Work

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JkHowling created an issue

So. Every time I attempt a Wonder Trade Challenge, the game basically gets to the Starter, then stops working completely. I get my starter, it gets to the "Preparing to Wonder Trade" page, then just sits there for literal hours without moving. EVEN when other people are Wonder Trading [which seems to work perfectly fine for them.] EVEN with a flawless internet connection.

The worst part is, it occasionally gets to a point to where clicking the X button, hitting F12, and even right clicking to click "Close Window" do nothing but refresh the text- the same thing that hitting A or B does. I've been told it does this because you can't back out of the Wondertrade in Wonder Trade Challenges, which I understand, but I'm fairly sure it's not supposed to prevent you from closing the window entirely, all while not moving an inch off the initial text screen? I have to end up going into my Task Manager and ending the program entirely.

I was told several times that wondertrade challenges had issues in previous versions [which is when this started happening to me.] I patched my current version. Still an issue. I redownloaded the entire 1.2.3 core and everything. Still an issue. Every attempt to fix it fails. Every attempt to wondertrade something to me fails. It never leaves the first screen.

Please someone tell me I'm not going crazy and that the game hates me.

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  1. Kevin Buckingham

    I already reported this issue a while back (I had version 1.2.2 at the time), so I can confirm that this is still valid in 1.2.3 (considering that anything involving the Wonder Challenge wasn't in the changelog, I'm not too surprised).

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