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Gamsrfun created an issue

Even though there was absolutely no modification to any file, when I shut down my computer, turned it on, and opened the launcher, it needed to download a copy of the entire game and save file again. I don't want to run out of storage/ram with a bunch of files that are redundant, but if I delete one, I might corrupt or lose my save file. I have a dell intel core i7 7th gen if that helps to find the issue

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  1. kamon jones

    same to me as well. i finally got a proper download and when i saved and closed the launcher and wanted to play again it told me i was missing some files and forced me to download again.and the process kept continuing. can someone help?

  2. Hunter

    Same issue here. I downloaded the launcher yesterday, played for a bit, closed the game, now when I try to use the launcher it says I need to redownload. I can still launch the "game.exe" from the Pokemon Insurgence folder in Program Files (x86), however the launcher is pretty much useless.

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