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Stefan McCarron created an issue

Once I stood on teleporter after beating the elite four, I went through the left door which brought me to Kayla's room. I then went through the door at the back which brought me to the ledge and now I am stuck

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  1. TheRealKman

    I also have the same problem is there a fix to this yet cause the game is litreally unplayble and i dont wanna have to restart a new game file all the way back to the elite four

  2. Stefan McCarron reporter

    Fortunately I wasn't playing a Nuzlocke so I used the trainer battles on the dexnav and just let the trainers kill my pokemon.

  3. Stefan McCarron reporter

    The only other way I could think of was restarting my game to the last point I saved

  4. Bill Plevris (ChillyBilly)

    Ok.Thanks for your help.

    Στις Τρί, 31 Ιουλ 2018, 12:46 ο χρήστης Stefan McCarron <

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