Giratina's Randomization issue

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TheHawkRules created an issue

I'm currently doing a Randomizer Nuzlocke of this game, and I just beat Nyx. Giratina showed up shortly after, obviously. When I walked up to talk to Giratina, hoping I could catch whatever it randomizes to, the game crashed with a message saying the following: Script 'Interpreter' line 277: RuntimeError occurd.

Script error within event 6, map 463 (Throne of the Hegemon) Exception: NameError Message: Section089:51uninitialized constant PBitems::CRSTALPIECE***Full Script pbWildBattle(PBSpecies::GIRATINA,85,1,false,true) Interpreter:244:in 'pbExecuteScript' PokemonEncounterModifiers:2:in 'call' PBEvent:54:in "trigger" PBEvent:49:in "each" PBEvent:49:in "trigger" PokemonField:1130:in 'pbGenerateWildPokemon' PokemonField:1167:in 'pbWildBattle' (eval):1:in 'pbExecuteScript' Interpreter:797:in 'eval' 244:in 'pbExecuteScript'

I know nothing about coding, but what it seems to me is that it's stuck between making me fight an Origin Form Giratina, and generating a random Pokemon, and then it craps out.

If this is fixed in the 1.2.3 patch, just let me know.

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  1. Darkon31

    I have the same crush i thought i have giratina in my party that can cause some sort of disorder at the game so i escape roped out and change my party but nothing changed except i have to battle with nix again i attached crush message thank you for your game keep up the good work.Error.jpg

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