Delta Amaura/Aurorus Phototroph Not Working

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Jack created an issue

After using Dream Mist on my Delta Aurorus, i saw that the ability was Phototroph, and stated "Heals every turn" After going into a battle, it does not work as it is expected to, and it does not heal every turn. Out of observations seeing Aurorus may learn Sunny Day and Solar Beam, along with the breaking down and meaning of the word "Phototroph" i assume that the description is cut off from saying "Heals every turn in sunlight" or some similar phrase. However, after using Sunny Day in Battle, Delta Aurorus doesn't heal every turn in the sun, either. Now that a chance is given to change this Hidden Ability, i would personally promote the ability to heal the Pokemon 1/16 of the HP every turn, regardless of sun.