Sylvan postgame reward

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Betzalel Ganot created an issue

Sylvan battles with and gives Delta Squirtle and Delta Blastoisonite, even though the starter was also Delta Squirtle! Despite saying that it's the one neither the player nor Damian took, and the pokeball on the table still says Delta Charmander on it.

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  1. Betzalel Ganot reporter

    Also, Damian gives the Charmander instead of the Bulbasaur. It should be noted that I had a previous playthrough where I picked Bulbasaur and these two picks would be correct.

  2. Marc Schiffres

    Happened to me, too. I took Charmander at the start of the game. Damian took Squirtle. Bulbasaur was left on the table. Wiki even says I should have battled a team with Venusaur. I battled a team with Blastoise and got a Squirtle as a reward.

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