Several Audio / Music Issues

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Striker7x7 created an issue

(ok i read the disclaimer but since this involves multiple i thought it be best to just create this here.)

These Audio Issues can be summed up in 2 other Issues #2033 and #2190

-When encountering wild pokemon there is a windy/gravelly sounds that is kept on repeat and is really annoying to listen to whilst playing the game

-In what i can assume to be EVERY location with music there will be a time the music Cuts off pre-maturely causing weird awkward silences before starting back, this duration is not the same (examples provided in video file, i did not include the Telnor town music one because its surprisingly long and didnt think i needed that many examples anyway rest assured it occurs there to)

I've attempted re-installing this game about 4 times, i used the launcher, and to no avail the problem persists, i even deleted my game file each time to make sure. I also tried to replace audio files from the 1.2.2 zip to the 1.2.3 core but that didn't really help it just took all the music and sounds out completely

Specs on this laptop can be found here :

Using windows 10 creators update i believe whatever that is

i hope this isn't just a my computer problem but will label it Minor since i wasn't even able to find a solution in the discord

I'm currently about to try and play the game on 1.2.2 and see if that version works for me and will update this issue accordingly

Hope you can help me Thank you for reading this and have a nice day

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  1. SuplexOrange

    Can also vouch for this issue. Tested in v1.2.3 and v1.2.2 on Windows 10. Has issues in both.

    All the audio tracks seem to have a 4 second fade-out effect at the end. (/Audio/BGM) Is this intentional? (This is present in v.1.2.2 and v1.2.3, unable to test others since I can't get a download copy) I'm not sure if the game originally restarts the BGM early before the fadeout effect or if this is an asset compile issue.

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