strong jaw boost bug

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EugeneVM created an issue

When I use crunch with delta haxorus, it should do the same damage as stab iron head due to 50% damage boost by strong jaw. This can be verified on pokemon showdown damage calculator. However currently when I use crunch, it seems to only do the same damage as iron head with a crit, implying that strong jaw is not working. This has happened consistently when training against an audino.

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  1. Feutor

    I use Mega Girafarig and I am almost certain that it does not gain a boost from Spectral Jaws either. They do turn into special attacks, that's for sure. Though they don't gain the promised 30% boost. (Tested on wild Politoads, comparing Hyper Fang to Psychic (Without the boost, Psychic does more, with the boost, hyper fang is supposed to do more)

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