Sewage not draining in Abyssal Cult

Issue #239 duplicate
Former user created an issue

I put in the password in the Abyssal Cult's base which was proteus, and it said the sewage is drained, however it didn't drain and now I'm stuck with the green water and I can't continue. I tried to use Shaymin to try to get rid of the sewage water, however that also doesn't work

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  1. Protanna

    I am also experiencing this issue and peronally would consider it a blocker as I can not proceed any further into the game.

    Edit: this also seems to be a duplicate report and will be getting fixed in next patch.

  2. nini3ds 3ds

    Same here. I have used the password for sewage drain and ended up with this pool of green water. I have also tried to use Shaymin to "cleanse" the pool but it didn't work.

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