Damian Fight Glitch

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Colton Greiss created an issue

Lost to Damian post-Darkrai event. Auto-healed in Torren and upon returning to Erebus City my character walks into the mountain and becomes stuck in mountain. Don't know how to load old save states on mac

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  1. Colton Greiss reporter

    same haha when i went back i beat him with only hydreigon-shouldve just used medicine in battle

  2. zamot6991

    I had the exact same issue, This made me so angry, since i might've just lost my entire save beacuse of a oversight

  3. Colton Greiss reporter

    if you didnt do anything else/make too many save files you can reload them and do it again, after i couldnt go back in i continued playing the game and saved it a bunch so i cant get back to the file i need

  4. zamot6991

    I figured out how to get unstuck. All you have to do is use the battle function on you dexnav, and lose. After that you will respawn on a poke-center

  5. Pokemon Tube

    Bless you, dude. I had the same problem and was freaking out bc I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the quest or I would lose my save file. Tried a bunch of things and they didn't work. Thanks again!

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