Stuck at NO DATA, I defeated the "pokemon" already

Issue #2409 resolved
Plasmafrenzy created an issue

I was trying to figure out why i couldnt initiate the arceus quest line, so i decided to do the meloetta and missingno quests first. Meloetta quest went gine, and so did the missingo quest... right up until i caught it. Upon finishing the battle, the game stopped responding, and after saying the script was hanging, saved the game, and stopped the program. Now, when i load the game, im still in NO DATA, theres no missingno, and i cant fly nor use the pika tablet to escape. I dont appear to have any backups, at least not any close to where i was, so how do i leave? Do i need to wait for a patch that automatically teleports me somewhere?

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  1. Plasmafrenzy reporter

    Or maybe put like a one way warp pad at NO DATA that goes straight to gaea town. I would really appreciate it if thesuzurain, or anyone on the team for that matter, could patch the game in some way to make it impossible to be stuck at NO DATA permanently

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