Reukra's note won't appear

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Plasmafrenzy created an issue

I completed the holon, taen, and damian quests already, but when i go to the perfection base, there's no note on the ground. Also, when i did the damian quest, the dialogue simply skipped over a battle; i could tell from what Malde was saying. On top of that, after catching groudon and heatran, but not volcanion yet, i never recieved a call from damian about maelstrom 9, so i think maybe something went wrong with the damian quest?

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  1. Plasmafrenzy reporter

    So, I went to go catch the delta regi's to pass the time, and on top of experiencing the champion challenge glitch where you don't get the rewards, when i went to the spot where delta registeel was supposed to appear, he didn't appear, and i remembered that my game bugged and crashed immediately following my fight with professor maple. So, is there any way to doctor this, or am I fubbernucked?

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