Stuck behind Scientist Glitch (Holon Quest)

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Ayano Kaede created an issue

Greetings. I apologise for bothering people but this is one glitch I am quite concerned about.

I was on my way to accept the Holon Quest by talking to the scientist in suntouched city. However, I made the mistake of talking to her behind her, in her walking path such that when she was to leave for the train station, she got stuck and so did my character. I also had autosave on, so I was unable to restart from before I got stuck.

Here is a picture: Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 12.28.02 AM.png

Is there anyway to fix this or am I eternally stuck? Do I need to delete the save file because of this glitch?

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  1. Nathanael Aldo

    Exactly the same thing that happened to me a week ago And also a week with no reply from the dev team So i can continue no more.. just like you...

  2. Ayano Kaede reporter

    I guess at this point, we will have to restart our runs. I was doing so well on nuzlocke mode too QwQ

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