Stuck after catching Rayquaza

Issue #2465 resolved
ghoststorm822 created an issue

I went in to Jade Tower to catch Rayquaza, and I saved in front of it because I was soft-reseting for a shiny. Hours later, I've caught my shiny, saved again, but once I try to exit via the stairs I just run over them. There is no square I can leave through, and escape rope and pikataxi pad do not work in this location. I've attached a picture of my character on the stairs. I can move but cannot exit in any way.

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  1. ghoststorm822 reporter

    I clicked on the second step after seeing this resolution on another post. I missed reading that one before creating this.

  2. ghoststorm822 reporter

    @Kaneshiop You have to press the interact button on the stairs to exit. You walk onto the stairs and in the middle press whichever button you have key-mapped to interact with things. Hope this helps you as well.

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