East gives me a script error

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max farmer created an issue

I just got to the auger and he makes me fight east but when I tried to fight him it said script is taking to long and then saved the game and shut it down now when ever I try to open the game it puts me at the fight with east and gives me the same error. ddd.png I don't have any animated sprites and I tried changing the settings to battle style set and battle scene off and I still got the error

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  1. Marco Pechtold

    Had the same issue with the first Gym

    Working again now.

    Probable Cause:

    Servers were offline

    Stats couldn't be transmitted so your "try" couldn't be counted and the Game doesn't handle a non reachable Server as it seems.

    Thoughtprocess behind my suggested Cause:

    The Post in front of the gym caused the same freeze, but with an Errormessage saying "no internetconnection"

  2. Peter Fa

    Have a similar case with Harmony. Perhaps all of those are server-related? If so, how can we find out when the servers are up without crash-testing?

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