Delta Bisharpite not there!!!

Issue #2479 resolved
Sam Schrantz created an issue

I just beat Taen at the dragon ruins and got the Tesseract ability, I immediately flew to the Nasca town and went to the power farm to get Delta Bisharpite. I used Tesseract and an area lit up, but nothing is happening, nothings there. I tried clicking on every square in the area and tried using Tesseract again, nothing. What's going on? How do I get the mega stone?

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  1. Sam Schrantz reporter

    Don't know what happened, but I went to the backup save from before I went to the power farm and when I went to power farm for the first time after getting the tesseract this time, the glowy light was already there. I can only assume this is how it's supposed to be compared to the light appearing after I used the Tesseract. I used tesseract on the light that was already there and I got the delta bisharpite.

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