Jade tower Chancey broke my ability to use Mew abilities

Issue #2490 resolved
Fraener created an issue

Right before I went to challenge Rayquaza in order to catch it, I used the Chancey next to the entrance to the roof to heal up. After doing so, I noticed that the pokemon sprite that follows you around was no longer behind me. I figured that it was of little importance, and saved in front of Rayquaza before capturing him. It wasn't until later that I found out that not only did the sprite disappear, but it took my ability to use Mew outside of battle along with it. That means no Relic Song, Tesseract, Heart Swap, you name it. I can no longer use any of Mew's abilities, and it's beyond frustrating. Does anybody know of a way to fix this? (I know that they came up with a way to fix a similar issue to this in 1.2.3; I've tried it without success, this is an entirely different issue.)

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