Pokecenter is broken

Issue #2493 resolved
MomentousMaster created an issue

So I just opened Pokemon Insurgence today only to find out that I can't heal anymore. It's not a problem since I can heal from my secret base, but I just beat Taen at the Alpha Temple so I need to heal at a pokemon center and when I try to do that all it says is "Welcome to the pokemon center" and than the dialogue ends. I can't progress the storyline like this

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  1. NectoFreak

    Having this problem aswell, not sure what caused it but you can still heal with Nurses in the secret base, chanseys in the dream realm, and at the pokemon center in the Pokemon league. A lot of extra effort but it's the only solutions for now

  2. gawsoloy

    hey, i've just fixed it for myself. i think its something to do with the human calculator. try interacting with him and doing a simple 1+1 addition sum and then going to the pokemon center and talking to the nures. let me know if it works.

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