Using Soar at the Emolgataxi in Battle Frontier deleted all my items and Pokemon

Issue #2504 resolved
narcion31 created an issue

When I chose Soar at the Battle Frontier, the game sent me back to the scene from the start of the game where Gengar uses Dream Eater on you. I rechose my name, gender and lookes, but then when I came to in the room in the cult base, my sprite was the emolgataxi. All the progress I'd already made in the game was the same, but all of my pokemon and items (including key items) were gone. I accidentally pressed quicksave, and now I'm stuck, without any of my former items and pokemon. I can go to places through pikataxi and walking, but I can't use any hm moves because all my tms and key items are gone. The only items I have left are the base clothing and 3000 dollars. I can get pokemon I had in the PC, but I lost my main team, and without items, it will be hard to train another team up. When I look at my character sheet, it shows my character without any clothes except underwear. I can put on clothes, but it doesn't change my overworld sprite, only the sprite on my character sheet.

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