Blocked from Healing in ALL Pokecenters

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Beast_killer3 created an issue

after exploring Gaea town I went to the pokemon center to heal and then after I healed the machine ended up infinitely healing my Pokémon (but I could play just fine, I just couldnt heal at pokecenters, since npcs like the secret base nurse and chansey still work). The main issue with that is that I was told that I need to heal at the pokecenter in order to progress with the story (Taen post-game/saved hiker main story are the most relevant examples, but I got stuck while in the 1st one after returning from the Alpha Ruins). By the way I was using the maximum speed boost (insane), so I didnt realize what really happened at the time (I dont think it showed up anything in-game that could be useful, like any weird font). After the bug no error message showed up nor the game crashed).

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