Stuck on cutscene with Perfection and Nora, completely blocking everything

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AntiCalamity created an issue

When Nora asks you to go back to the Perfection Base with her before you fight the infernal cult, I said no, and went myself; I decided i'd go down the Jade Tower route to Perfection Base because it would be faster. I ended up behind the three NPCs, and the cutscene didn't start. I tried talking to Reukra (the leader i think?) and the henchman (guy with blue hair, forget his name) but they had the same text lines as they did when I first fought them and got my Mega Ring. I tried talking to Nora, and the game moved me one square away from her and ceased allowing movement. The only things I could access were my menus, basically everything but movement (stuck completely). I tried soft resetting but I had saved already, and all of my backups were the same. I tried getting knocked out in DexNav but the game froze after Nurse Joy healed my Pokemon. What can I do from here?

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