Script is hanging at entrence to the elite 4...

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DeltaSavage created an issue

When I talked to the old dude that gives you info and the ability to challenge the E4... the game says the script is hanging and always saves afterwards so i can't even go back to when I saved outside the league. And I know the servers are down right now, but I don't think that would cause this... right?insugence bug 1.PNG insugence bug 2.PNGinsugence bug 3.PNG

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  1. Maskmort

    Hey, I got the same problem ! After I defeated the 8th gym leader, the game crash and restart, again and again... Please, help me ! The game is awesome and I really want to finish it ! Good luck, have a nice day.

  2. NatsuKingdragneel

    same for me i started the fairy gym fight at right before we would go into battle script is hanging saved now everytime i load it its same thing

  3. Nerdly

    The same thing happened to me, but I think I found a fix to it. Change the turbo speed from ludicrous to one of the other two (changed mine to high) then restart your computer. Hope it works

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