Seemingly unavoidable crashing after first battle with Adam

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Kiyan Aslani created an issue

I recently won my first battle with Adam on a casual run of the game (i.e. no randomizer, no nuzlocke, none of that) and I won first try. The first time I attempted to battle, my game crashed right before it began. I restarted the game and it went smoothly(I assume it couldn't load the various greninja protean sprites at first although it could've been something else). After beating Adam he gave me his post-battle monologue and then once he was done, my game froze and I couldn't move on. After about 30 seconds it crashed and does the same thing every time I start up my save file. If anyone, developer or player knows anyway to fix this or has come across the same issue, please let me know as I love this game so far and don't want to end my play through of it here.

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  1. NatsuKingdragneel

    this is basically whats happening to me im stuck in front of fairy gym leader right before fight animation starts up and it will not continue says script is hanging saves then script is hanging the closes the game.

  2. Atomicbomb2

    I got that similar thing where the script is all hanging and closes the game, SO SOMEBODY HELP US ALREADY

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