Game crash and broke save

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SoraPL created an issue

Game crash when i start fight with fairy/normal gym leader[forget name]. Game crash when we walk to fight place, we walk there then game freez then unfreez save and exit game. When i load save it is in this place and bug still is on. game freez,unfreez,save,exit.

Overall i dont remember the version im already play but i gueas its 1.2.3

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  1. NatsuKingdragneel

    same problem to a t its in same area as the the others ive posted to but this is carbon copy of my problem

  2. NatsuKingdragneel

    i got an answer dude gonna post it all here and on all of them use one of your back up saves it makes for you it makes 3 id use the one at least 2 mins before the glitch and jsut go through like normal apparently its a hang up in script

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