bullet seed not getting technician boost?

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TechnoSavvy created an issue

When my Jolly Technician Breloom uses bullet seed it does less damage that it should. When training against lv100 audinos with the level trainer as a lv85 breloom that is fully invested in attack, 3 hits would do roughly 25% of its health bar which was about the same that rock tomb does. According to pokemonshowdown.com damage calculator a bullet seed should be doing closer to 50%. The only conclusion I can reach for this is that bullet seed is either not getting a STAB boost or not getting a Technician boost for some reason. It may also only be getting it on the first hit, but I'm not sure.

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  1. EC-10

    I don't think technician is the issue. I came here to say that seemingly all multi-hit moves are severely under damaging. Icicle spear on a +6 cloyster was doing dmg comparable to a 40-50 base power move.

  2. TechnoSavvy reporter

    That really sucks if thats true. I've also noticed recently that if the first strike is a crit, all of the following strikes deal slightly increased damage. Have you noticed the same thing? It only seems to happen when the first hit is a crit and not any of the following hits. Hopefully this will all be fixed in the next update.

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