Continuous crashes

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Pab CC created an issue

Hi there:

This is my first time playing the game and it all has been going fine and dandy until I arrived to the Game Corner. I've been playing the Voltorb game for a while un then the game started having really long load times when a game ended (not every time, I'd say once every 10 times). After that, there were a couple of times where I'd get a message saying that the script was taking too long to load and the game would restart.

I tried ignoring that, but then I went north through route 6 to continue the game and the same problem has happened a few times upon entering a battle, once with a wild Pokémon and once with a trainer.

Now, whenever I open the game, it takes a very long time to actually start, time during which the whole PC freezes.

Edit: It has also happened when moving from one zone to another and now after restarting my character is stuck on some random trees. Can't play any further.

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