Completely stuck in the Selene City gym

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Anni created an issue

I entered the Selene City gym and saved before the gym leader. The battle didn't go as I was hoping so I reset (F12) and loaded up my save again. My character was not standing where I saved, instead he is standing on the battle platform in battle-ready position. At first I could move and talk to Diana who was also standing where she would stand after talking to her the first time. Diana would then walk away from my character depending on from which side I approached her. None of those led to a battle. After doing this a couple of times I was an idiot and accidentally pressed V when I was supposed to press X and quicksaved as I was stuck in the corner, unable to move and unable to open the menu.

Is there a way to revert a save or force the game to teleport me to another location upon start (like when upgrading versions)? Or am I just screwed completely?

Attachment showed where my dude is when I load the game. As said previously I can't move or open the menu.

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