Missing/Unavailable Mega Stones

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Robert Hurry created an issue

Hello again.

This is mainly reporting the missing and unavailable Mega Stones in the current version.

Aerodactylite: Not Available Probably will be a Mystery Gift, like in Z/O.

Houndoominite: Rose Crater (Requires Heart Swap, currently not obtainable) No stairs available to reach the upper area.

Reuniclite: Previous Mystery Gift Needs to be put somewhere, as all the other previous Mystery Gift exclusive stones have been implemented.

Stunfiskite/Spiritombite: Secret Base Flag Guy Rewards, 50/100 Flags These two stones are only available in modes that allow online content, meaning they can't be obtained in randomizers. All I'm requesting is that we have another method of obtaining them, like how the Delta/regular starter stones can also be obtained at the Battle Frontier.

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