Holon Jungle Delta Darumaka Tree Bug

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Ali Althaher created an issue

When entering the Delta Darumaka Tree in the Holon Jungle, my character got stuck. I couldn't interact with anything including the tree itself. Pressing Esc didn't make the menu appear and my registered items didn't work. The only buttons that worked were the quicksave button, the autosave/autorun toggles and the speed up button. All my backup files are at that same location so I'm still stuck and this is making the game completely unplayable for me which is why this bug is a blocker. There are also many discussions about this bug on the insurgence forums. In my opinion, this bug should be fixed as soon as possible as it is a complete stopper. I'm still loving this game and wanna continue playing until the end of the post game so I'd love a fix. I'll put some forum posts about this bug below as well. Thanks for the great game!


Insurgence Bug.jpg

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