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aaronstarrx created an issue

Basically what happened is, I just got done battling the perfectionist leader (I forget his name) after they took the DNA of Mew and created Mewtwo. After that, I went to the mountain, got most of the way through it and then the map turned black and the game crashed. When the game loaded back in (from an auto-save. I have already tried to use a previous save file, but all 3 previous saves were in front of the 2 perfectionist dudes) I was in front of the perfectionist guys, I made my way back to the mountain, Nora wasn't there so I went back to the perfectionist dudes thinking I might need to talk to her to get her to come back to this spot, spoke to the silver haired one and then my character was unable to move. I could still open up the menu, check my mons, my bag ect. but I still couldn't move. I tried a suggestion from someone in chat and used the DexNav battle thing, I lost the fight and I got teled back to a Pokemon center, where nurse joy froze after turning to the machine to heal my mons. The icon for the speed up button still come up, but I'm unable to talk to Nurse Joy, bring the menu up or move from that spot in the cente

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