Somehow skipped 4th gym and got salamencite

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sugarhyper created an issue

I am playing a nuzlocke randomizer and just got to the jade tower floor where the augur is and, because it is my fourth time playing through the game, used turbo mode and skipped over all of the talking while looking at my phone. When I looked back my character had exited the platform where the battle would have taken place. the gym leader had been put in the green ball because he lost even though I didn't fight him. I could exit and go to fight the augur, but before reaching him, it said an item appeared from the past and I got the salamencite, even though I don't have tesseract yet. I had saved before the fight so I just soft reset because I actually wanted to fight the gym, but it was very strange. This isn't game breaking but it does make me curios.

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