Diana's Parcel before Azure Flute

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RunicGEAR created an issue

Now I know the fact Reukra's flute appearing was mentioned before, and I have the same issue, but I feel its worth mentioning that Diana stopped me from going to the Dragon Ruins from Selene City so i could deliver her parcel to Persephone, I didn't read the wiki before then and delivered the parcel, then i got the manaphy, then i finished the last part of Taen's Quest. I don't know if the two glitches are related, but on the off chance they are, I'm mentioning it.

tl;dr Delivered Parcel to Persephone in the middle of doing Taen's Quest because I was asked to, wiki says its supposed to happen after Azure Flute Quest, Reukra's note is not where it should be. Could be related, idk.

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