Emolga Taxi Glitch

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Red Shadowverse created an issue

Hi, I posted this issue in the help but sadly it seemed that the staff had no way to fix this. This issue is massive as it stops you from doing anything and forces you to make all your pokemon faint (mostly through struggling so exhausting time to go out and waste all your moves!)

The issue: When you leave a portal that holds X/Y legends you will appear like (attached image). If you do what majority of normal players do before battling one of these legends, save in front before or after catching them. You become forced to do the struggling method in order to faint and be sent to a Poke Center out of soaring mode to escape. As once you leave you will be unable to land while in your character form over Emolga Taxi at any place.

What could be changed?: Make it so you can use fly while soaring to forcibly land/go to a specific destination even in a portal/while you are soaring. This way we can escape this. I understand soaring is a newer feature and I can relate that it is probably a pretty complicated one at that. So maybe until you can fix the issue with this glitch happening at all or at least the landing part the player can have a way to still escape.

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  1. Red Shadowverse reporter

    Update: Struggling does not work if you do it while in the sky. Trying to struggle vs a legend now.

    If struggling vs a legend works maybe allow re-encounter until you fix the issue so people dont miss out just to fix a bug?

  2. Red Shadowverse reporter

    Update: Struggling against one of the legends in their portal does work. It allows you to go a center.

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