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Alberto Hensley created an issue

In the dragon ruins, after the player has fought Taen, with Gail, as a double battle, there is supposed to be a barrier that says "I can't leave now!". That barrier also prevents the player from using the PikaPad. However, you get around this via a loophole. This is done by using a Pokémon with the move Teleport (as a field move). It returns you to the intended effect (last Pokémon Center visited). In addition, there also seems to be no repercussions in doing this (I mean crashes, glitches, etc.). Ironically, it seems to be somewhat of a helpful bug. Although, I doubt the intended purpose was to allow the protagonist to leave the Dragon Ruins area. The reason I have a Pokémon with Teleport in the first place was for the purpose of preparation of catching the Zygarde afterwards via a Synchronize Abra (it gets teleport as a lvl 1 move so it is convenient. I decided to try and leave the area for the sake of buying more Poke Balls because I had failed my first attempt at catching Zygarde.

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  1. Alberto Hensley reporter

    Note: Can still catch mons per usual after using Teleport. Barrier will come back on when back at that area, which pushes the protagonist forward towards the objective (in this case, towards subduing Zygarde). Can still do Teleport on Dragon Ruins again.

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