Windows insurgence crash on new game/continue select

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Cameron Scott created an issue

Recently I downloaded the game onto my laptop after play extensively on desktop (had no issues on 1.2 desktop)

After a while and a lost nuzelocke in which i forced closed the game I went to log back on and selected new game after a few seconds of waiting the player didnt respond after waiting for a while the game said that the script was hanging and forced closed when i went back on and the file was corrupted any suggestions?

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  1. Cameron Scott reporter

    More to add the problem started after downloading mc, The game ran fairly well my specs are 8GB Ram I5 7th Gen processor and an intergrated graphics card which might be the issue but It did run fairly well earlier so I wouldnt imagine it would be the pc, After it happened I deleted the base game re-downloaded it with winrar this time around and it still happened which is why I suspect mc could have influenced something I can’t tell.

  2. Cameron Scott reporter

    Another update on the matter after importing a copy from my desktop of 1.2 insurgence I can say that it is something to do with my asus laptop although the specs are good enough to run it since it was running breifly before the crash it might just be the fact that updates or drivers might not be updated dont know

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