Lugia Whirl Island Fight Escape

Issue #2734 new
Owen Phillips created an issue

So there’s the fight with the leader of the abyssal cult in the whirl islands, and normally when you fight her the first time, you are trapped in by abyssal grunts, however, I found a glitch to escape. For some reason, if you have a healthy pokemon in your first spot, it still follows you around, even if it is invisible in this room. If you continually hold down and run toward the grunts and spam your equivelent of the A button, you will eventually talk to your pokemon that is/isn’t following you and you will be on the tile directly in front of the grunts without getting pushed back. Then you can walk straight through those people like they don’t exist. Perfect way for me to escape and be able to heal my underleveled pokemon and train before fighting them the first time. To get back, simply walk back up through the grunts and you’ll be pushed back into the fight area.

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